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Global Geography Worksheets 1 Time Zones  Geography worksheets

Global Geography Worksheets 1 Time Zones Geography worksheets | Time Zone Worksheet Answers

TINLEY PARK, IL — Meet Aileen Mullee, Kirby Academy Commune 140 academy lath candidate. The Consolidated Elections are April 6.

Mullee afresh abounding out the Patch applicant survey, and her answers can be apparent below.

If you are a applicant for the April election, and would like to acknowledgment our Patch applicant questionnaire, amuse email [email protected]

Kirby Academy Commune 140


My husband, Guy DiTuri, and I accept lived in Kirby Academy Commune 140 aback 2009 and accept four children, who are in third brand at Millennium, fourth brand at Keller, and sixth and eighth grades at Grissom.

Does anyone in your ancestors assignment in backroom or government?



I accept a Bachelor’s Degree in Management from Columbia College Chicago and accelerating from Mother McAuley Liberal Arts High School.


I own a biking bureau and accept been a biking abettor for 7 years.

Campaign website

All -4- KSD140: DeMicheal, Shalash, Mullee, Martelli – Home

Previous or accepted adopted or appointed office

I accept not ahead captivated an adopted or appointed office.

The distinct best acute affair adverse our (board, district, etc.) is _______, and this is what I intend to do about it.

The antecedent acute affair adapted now is accepting our accouchement aback into academy abounding time in a abode that doesn’t accommodation the assurance of our acceptance and staff. While full-time in academy acquirements is alpha on April 7th, guidelines will abide to change. I’d use assets from the IDPH and CDC to admonition adviser my recommendations for how the in-school acquaintance should look.

Our challenges will not end already we are aback in school. We will charge to appraise the brainy and affecting accompaniment of our acceptance afterwards this aberrant year. If we do not abode their amusing and affecting needs, we will not accept schools of acknowledged learners.

What are the analytical differences amid you and the added candidates gluttonous this post?

I’m alive on a slate with Carol DeMicheal, Tom Martelli, and Lucy Shalash. I don’t anticipate of these three individuals as competitors as I anticipate that we’d accomplish a actual counterbalanced aggregation forth with the added three associates who are on the board.

I not abandoned am a ancestor of four accouchement beyond three of the KSD140 schools, I am additionally a adapted needs parent. With accouchement of assorted needs, alignment from defective basal ability abetment to cogent educational and adorning support, I accept contiguous ability of our district’s Adapted Services affairs and the needs of a growing cardinal of our community. Apprenticeship is not one admeasurement fits all and association tends to discount and average the adapted needs community. While I will never be a adumbrative of aloof one articulation of apprentice or association member, I do anticipate that it’s far time that we accept a lath affiliate with acquaintance of the accepted accompaniment of apprenticeship for our adapted needs students.

If you are a challenger, in what way has the accepted lath or administrator bootless the association or district?

I’m appreciative to be a longtime affiliate of KSD140. While there has been the attenuate break that the Lath has fabricated decisions that I disagree with, I’ve never beheld the Lath as declining our district.

Describe the added issues that ascertain your attack platform

KSD140 has a able acceptability and I would like to see this abide to improve. Helping our acceptance balance and abound from this accomplished academy year is a primary affair of mine, as is authoritative abiding that all segments of our apprentice citizenry are actuality taken beneath consideration. I additionally accept that it’s important to get acceptance out in the association for acquirements adventures alfresco of the classroom. While adventures like this are not accessible at this time due to the advancing pandemic, I anticipate that this is article that should be advised already it is safe to do so.

What accomplishments in your accomplished would you adduce as affirmation you can handle this job?

As a business owner, I consistently accomplish banking and bread-and-butter decisions. I’ve had to anticipate on my anxiety alike added than accepted this accomplished year and pivot, demography my business in altered admonition to acquiesce it to not abandoned survive, but thrive, during a time back my industry has been abnormally afflicted by COVID-19.

Why should voters assurance you?

I’ve had audience putting their absolute assurance in me for the aftermost 7 years of my career as a biking agent. I’ve handled acute banking admonition for every one of my audience with aught complaints about security. I’ve additionally been alive aural the schools in our Commune and accept a acceptable reputation.

If you win this position, what ability would accomplish your appellation in appointment a success?

In my life, I’ve consistently risen to the occasion. My activity angry upside bottomward in 2009 back my oldest was diagnosed with Autism. Every plan, every expectation, every angle of my life, our lives, was changed. I acclimatized a backbone I didn’t apperceive I had and I acclimatized and became a best for my child. I intend to accompany that aforementioned backbone to the Board. As one of seven, I abandoned cannot accomplish any change, but I intend to be a able and advised articulation of ability for our accouchement and our community.

Our acceptance accept accurate to be aloof as able during these accomplished 12 months. They’ve adapted. This aftermost year has acquired heartache, but it’s additionally accustomed opportunities to our agents and our students. Material is accomplished in new ways. Acceptance accept become alike added technologically inclined. I anticipate that, while we absolutely charge to affected the obstacles that the communicable has put in our lives, we additionally charge to accouter the acceptable that it brought and use it as a springboard for new account over the abutting four years.

What are your angle on budgetary policy, government spending and the administration of aborigine dollars in the appointment you are seeking?

I accept that our Lath has fabricated cardinal and adapted banking decisions, as approved by KSD140 accepting the Meritorious Budget Award from The Association of Academy Business Officials International every year aback 2005. I anticipate that the Lath should abide authoritative decisions with all of their stakeholders in mind.

Do you abutment Black Lives Matter and what are your thoughts on the demonstrations captivated aback the afterlife of George Floyd and the cutting of Jacob Blake?

I accept that Black Lives Matter and that we as a association should strive to be anti-racist.

Do you anticipate the accepted lath has done abundant to abutment ancestral equality, and if not, what accurately should be done to do so?

I accept been blessed with what I accept apparent the commune do in commendations to teaching about assorted cultures and traditions. One day, back my son was in Kindergarten at Millennium, he came home from academy with a holiday-themed cant worksheet. Not abandoned were there “typical” anniversary agreement like “stocking,” but “Kwanzaa” was additionally on the list. I accepted how the academy was normalizing acquirements about added cultures and adorning horizons alike back a adolescent was abandoned 5 years old. I accept consistently been admiring with the across-the-board atmosphere of our commune and anticipate that any apropos about ancestral asperity should be looked into.

What are your thoughts on the district’s administration of the coronavirus pandemic? Are you in favor of alien learning, in-person acquirements or a amalgam of the two? Do you abutment a affectation authorization for acceptance and academy staff, or binding coronavirus testing for both acceptance and staff?

I anticipate that our commune is administration the communicable in a methodical and accurate manner. I apperceive that there accept been frustrations about not abiding to in-person abounding time apprenticeship above-mentioned to April 7th, but I feel that the Lath had the assurance of our acceptance and agents at the beginning of their decisions. There is still a cogent cardinal of schools that are not abiding to full-day in-person learning. I am animated that we are now at the point area our acceptance can acknowledgment to abounding time in-person apprenticeship for the fourth division and accede that masks are a way to do so in a safe manner. I do not feel that binding testing is necessary, but do anticipate that evidence checklists should still be completed by parents of acceptance anniversary day.

When the vaccine is accessible to them, do you abutment binding COVID-19 vaccinations for acceptance and staff?

I do not abutment binding COVID-19 vaccinations for acceptance and staff.

Is there any acumen you would not serve your abounding appellation of office, added than those of bloom or family?

I intend to anxiously serve this association for at atomic four years.

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