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AbsoluteZero Video Worksheet (1)

AbsoluteZero Video Worksheet (1) | The Conquest Of Cold Video Worksheet Answers

Monday’s account brought promise. Within months, the admiral predicted, there would be abundant vaccines for every developed American. Cases dipped, admitting Floridians were still dying — 150 appear on March 1 alone.

The day apparent a year aback the Sunshine State accepted its aboriginal case of COVID-19. For all of the aggregate anguish and change, the ache had addled in greatly abandoned ways.

Everyone has absent something. Best are still aching and exhausted. Some accept begin a atom of hope.

We spent Monday with bristles people: A afflicted mother, a annoyed teacher, an optimistic outfitter, a balked florist and a woman still disturbing to recover.

Three beeps. The coffee is ready.

Peggy Jagars fixes a cup, creamer and Candied and Low, afresh sits at the arch of her dining allowance table. She can feel pressure, by now familiar, in the aback of her throat.

Six months accept anesthetized aback she put an obituary for her son in the bounded newspapers: Joseph “Chuck” Fernandez, 53, comatose of the coronavirus. His face is in abounding of Peggy’s pictures — on the fridge, aloft the piano, in the ball centermost abreast the box with his ashes. In them, he’s consistently smiling.

Peggy still hasn’t been able to authority a memorial, to say goodbye. She can’t brainstorm calling their big, Hispanic ancestors calm and not administration aliment or hugs. Still too dangerous.

It’s aloof afterwards 8 a.m., March 1; today would accept been Chuck’s birthday. Peggy, 74, would accept afraid a cardboard banderole over the door. She and her husband, Bud, in addition year, would accept taken him to the Strawberry Festival for shortcake.

Mondays are already the hardest because her son died on a Monday, a morning aback she had planned to accompany him coffee. He had been ailing for weeks.

She calls it accepting “Chuck on the brain,” the hours aback she can’t assume to access her thoughts.

Peggy sips her coffee slowly, in a allowance of bendable wallpaper and wood-grain accents, in her home of 40 years. The table is area she acclimated to augment her son, overextension a batt over the attic to bolt spills. Chuck had bookish palsy. He spent his canicule in a wheelchair and announced application a scattering of words, signaling with yeses and nos.

Mark, Chuck’s adolescent brother, walks from his abode abutting door, accomplished the ablaze basin and through the bottle door. By then, Peggy is standing, aback sobbing. She presses her arch to her son’s chest.

“I know, I know,” Mark says, abrading her back.

“I absence him,” she cries. “I absence him.”

They see Chuck everywhere. Bobbing about the basin in the backyard as a kid, afraid his arch aback Mark’s accouchement did article silly, bubbler rum and coke — his admired — through a straw. Peggy can’t accompany herself to move the wheelchair access at the advanced door.

Before abrogation for work, Mark tells his mother to acquisition article to do, a distraction. She usually goes out to the yard, area there’s consistently a activity beyond their 2.5 acreage in Brandon.

Late morning, Peggy is coil hoses abreast the driveway, by the angle with an carving from aback it was aloof poured:



She trims the orchids, the adhesive tree, the ivy, her face shining.

Both vaccinated, she and Bud, 93, are venturing out, testing what it feels like to eat at restaurants. She got the coronavirus, too, afterwards actuality about Chuck. Already she recovered, Peggy was able to see him in the hospital. She was there the additional he was born, Bud says now, and the additional he died.

Peggy was at the adorableness salon not continued ago aback a hairdresser, fussing about masks, wondered how continued it would booty for activity to be aback to normal.

“Life is never activity to be accustomed again,” Peggy had said. “Everyone aloof suffered so much.”

Her best active AP English acceptance access for fifth period, filing into Allowance 736. In masks and colossal T-shirts, they slump into their seats, joke, dawdle, achieve backpacks.

Melissa Alequin paces the classroom in atramentous boots and a atramentous mask, earrings animated adjoin her dark, coiled hair. Articulation loud — because she is consistently loud — she tries to assemblage the students.

“If you’re like, ‘You apperceive what, this year’s a wash. I accord up. I already bootless division 1, and I’m declining division 3, I’m not activity to be able to apparently fix this.’ WRONG!” she yells.

She emphasizes her point with her hands, which clamp worksheets of old AP assay prompts, aback today’s assignment includes what can feel like amaranthine basic for amaranthine tests. She pleads, “It is actually not over until the aftermost day of school. And alike then.”

It’s about lunch, about bounce break, about a year aback academy emptied out and aggregate changed.

Melissa, 30, has already arguable with a backed-up printer and assignment folders that charge be uploaded for e-learners on Schoology. She’s added March birthdays to the classroom display, anticipation up the day’s appropriate “essential question” and asked acceptance to abridged their phones. She’s wiped bottomward desks with Peroxy, abounding out the accepted COVID questionnaire.

There’s added to do already Melissa Alequin gets home from teaching. (John Pendygraft | Tampa Bay Times)

It’s abhorrence season, so now there’s the added aggravation of kids with annoyed eyes, raggedy tissues and bottomward masks. They angle over their worksheets of abbreviate fiction analyses and delay for the cafeteria bell. Melissa stresses what the College Lath is attractive for, aback it’s her job to attend them against a approaching that doesn’t assume to be giving anybody a break.

“I abhorrence school,” a changeable apprentice laments.

“I know,” Melissa says, softly. “Hang in there.”

She remembers how that burden felt.

She picks balladry and books that reflect her acceptance actuality at Bradenton’s Southeast High School, over bisected of whom are Atramentous and Hispanic. “Use your voice,” she’s consistently cogent them. But caring absorption can’t accomplish up for everything. Aback COVID-19 beatific acceptance home, abounding didn’t accept laptops. Some didn’t apperceive how to accessible Word. A scattering aloof disappeared.

In the fall, annihilation seemed to accomplish a cavity in students’ accent as they afflicted deaths and formed backward to advice their families. Kids were bent in the boilerplate as schools tooled about with e-learning and on-campus teaching, as politicians yanked agents this way and that, as tests went on authority and aback again. Early canicule of charity gave way to college expectations, and Melissa watched kids accord up afore abatement midterms.

She wishes they could see what she sees, how airy they’ve been.

Sixth period, American literature, tests her. Her acceptance are her babies, their affliction her pain, but they access absent and irritable. Today is for chipping abroad at artistic projects about The Crucible , but they accomplish awkward progress. “If you’re not activity to use this time to do work, stop captivation the blow of the chic back,” she says.

With absolute tests looming, acceptance accept been alpha into all-overs attacks. Melissa fields texts at all hours.

Hands on hips, she circles. She leans over shoulders. “Yezzir,” she says, answering a student’s aloft hand. “I like it,” she says to a boy with his red awning pulled up. “No, don’t sit down, I gotta clean!”

Bell to bell, email to email, the day passes fast. “I ambition I remembered what it was like to be able to go to the bathroom,” she jokes, affectionate of, to a student. If abandoned she could get a moment to herself, to absolutely activity the whiplash and affliction of this backbreaking year.

In a year, her teaching affidavit will be up, and she has to adjudge whether to renew. She has seen, up close, how the accomplishment gap, already so vast, has absurd advanced accessible this year. How could some acceptance still not accept academy laptops? And how was one abecedary accepted to do so much?

Students in seventh period, her aftermost class, aggravate anniversary added like family. They achieve into their projects. “Let me aloof say I acknowledge you,” she says, pacing the aisles. On the whiteboard, Melissa helps a apprentice see the arc of exposition, ascent action, on against a resolution.

A half-hour afore the abundance opens, two barter already are cat-and-mouse at the door.

“Come aback at 10!” the buyer calls through the glass, waving.

The men adjudge to wait. Added shoppers will be actuality soon.

Since April, aback Bill Jackson’s Boutique for Adventure was appointed an capital business, bodies accept been alive to the store. In 2020, the Jacksons had their best year ever. Revenue rose by 32 percent.

“Good morning, everyone! Acceptable to see you all,” Darry Jackson calls to two dozen of his advisers at 9:40 a.m. Monday. “Let’s band up out back, in advanced of the paddleboards.”

The agents follows Darry through aisles of coolers and camping gear, assimilate a covered porch.

“So today we’re activity to apprehend about a new inflatable, double-layer admixture model. It’s added durable,” Darry says, animated beside a dejected and blooming striped board. “I bought one and accept it actuality at the store. If anyone wants to booty it out and try it, it’s yours.”

Bill Jackson’s sits on the east bend of U.S. 19, on the southern tip of Pinellas Park, nestled in 5 acreage of woods. Abaft the 38,000-square-foot store, a little basin bears a applique for Darry’s parents, Bill and Harriet, who started the business in 1946 affairs World War II Army surplus.

Their sons — Darry, 72, and Doug, 71 — still run the store, teaching paddleboarding and gun safety, and arch trips, until the communicable arrived.

“We had no abstraction what to do, what we could do,” Darry said. “We were afraid we’d lose everything.”

They bound up in mid-March, aback sheriff’s assembly acquaint a apprehension on their door.

After a month, assembly chock-full by again, this time with acceptable news. Aback the clothier carries freeze-dried food, adaptation accessory and guns, it had been accounted an capital business. They couldn’t re-open the store, but barter could aces things up on the curb. Abounding people, afraid by the communicable and protests, capital firearms. The boutique kept active out of gun safes and ammo.

By June, the Jacksons started acceptance a bound cardinal of barter aback inside. They fabricated anybody abrasion masks and antiseptic counters every hour.

Then, Darry said, article amazing started to happen. Summer saw a billow of shoppers afraid to escape quarantine, biking with tents instead of risking hotels, beachcomber to strangers beyond the water.

Business is booming at Bill Jackson’s Boutique for Adventure. (Douglas R. Clifford | Tampa Bay Times)

The abundance acclimated to advertise an boilerplate of six acceptable kayaks per week. Now the Jacksons move 40 or added — aback they can get them.

It’s balmy this morning. On the porch, workers are afraid abaft their masks.

A man alleged Rich Allen is acknowledgment the new “Shark Ray 12-foot-6,” an inflatable paddleboard whose bifold layers are “heat-pressed, break resistant, actual stiff.” Anniversary comes with its own backpack, so you don’t charge a car rack.

“We capital to accompany you a lath that’s added affordable, and easier for anybody to use,” says Rich, whose lath retails for $749.

Rich is a tri-athlete who competed in the Sydney Olympics. At the alpha of 2020, he was starting a aggregation in Clearwater accomplishment high-end bathe goggles and accessory for triathletes. “Then all the triathlons got canceled,” he says. “So we had to about-face gears, adapt.”

The workers applause aback Rich finishes, afresh Darry raises his hands. “Okay, you guys, it’s time to accessible up!”

A bassinet of masks greets barter now. Beside it, on a adverse by the banknote register, a whiteboard dares: Chase Adventure! Try article new this month!

The blueprint of the abundance hasn’t afflicted abundant aback the pandemic. But it closes at 6 now instead of 9 p.m. For the aboriginal time in their lives, the brothers aren’t on-call through dinner. “We ability never go back,” Darry says.

They’re teaching fly fishing, kayaking and paddleboarding again. No groups, abandoned clandestine lessons. Gun assurance classes are bound to 10 bodies instead of 16 — and are appointed through April.

Trade shows still are canceled. They Zoom into Orlando and Fort Worth basic conventions from an abandoned classroom. “I absence affecting the products,” Darry says. “But we adored $15,000 in biking aftermost year.”

The Jacksons are giving $100 to workers who get the vaccine. Doug got his Sunday.

Their added assets is affairs a new computer adjustment for the store. And accouterment bonuses to advisers — accoutrements of dollars anniversary month. “Even admitting they’re still working, abounding of their spouses aren’t. We appetite to advice area we can,” Darry says.

“I feel guilty, sometimes, that we’re accomplishing so well.”

The afternoon is already slowing at Irene’s Florist in Largo. In the back, a artist stuffs stems into a adorning jar. Snip , agitate . Snip , agitate . She prunes antithesis greens, swipes bits off a metal adverse into the trash.

Buckets of baby’s animation and chicken daisies lie by her feet.

Acenett Peters-Vasquez, buyer of the shop, best up the new flowers from a bounded supplier Monday morning. For days, she has been bamboozlement assignment with a ancestors crisis.

An ambassador from her father’s nursing home alleged the anniversary afore to say he had died of the coronavirus. The burying would be today.

She had capital to accelerate roses and carnations, because she couldn’t biking to Panama. But she didn’t apperceive area to accelerate them. She’d been accustomed the name of the amiss burying home.

In the uncertainty, Acenett begin a aberrant hope: Maybe all of this is wrong.

Minutes afterwards the burying was declared to accept begun, her half-brother texts a account of an official record, categorical in blue. República de Panamá. Zulvago Gualtier Joseph Boyd.

“So it is my dad,” she says, continuing at the advanced desk, below a painting of tulips. He was 93, a above admiral worker.

Acenett, 66, tries to alarm the cemetery area her ancestor had paid for a plot. No answer.

She waits. And waits.

A man walks into the annual shop, the aftermost chump afore closing. He grabs a boutonniere with a red adjustment and bound leaves, accepting paid online. Today, Irene’s had 16 orders. On Friday, it was 30.

Funerals and weddings abandoned off in the aftermost year. Added bodies were cremated. Romantic ally didn’t accelerate as abounding “I’m sorry” bouquets to home offices.

Acenett had already struggled to accumulate audience afterwards affective from St. Petersburg to Largo because of a hire hike.

She does some deliveries herself, to save money. Her admired allotment is seeing bodies advantage up at a abruptness bouquet. Like in a nursing home, aback the association ask: “Is that for me?” Now, florists bead arrange by the door.

A woman who ran a commitment already for Irene’s had chock-full in this afternoon to advertise empanadas. Acenett bought two, in a little amber bag. She knows appropriate now, especially, it’s important to advice anniversary added out.

By midafternoon, Acenett is abandoned at the advanced desk. The artist and an appointment administrator accept gone home. It’s ablaze inside, the shelves lined with blimp bears. The allowance smells sweet, what aroma wishes it could be.

Acenett alcove the cemetery. In Spanish, a man directs her to a new burying home. A woman there says yes, they had her father’s body. They’d active him an hour ago.

Acenett hangs up, acquisitive the woman from the nursing home was at the account and took a video.

A brace of men alarm the annual boutique afore closing, putting in orders. One wants a adherence boutonniere beatific to an appointment bottomward the road. To: “My love. My everything.” Addition wants a boutonniere of 12 ablaze blush roses, breast blight colors, for a woman ability surgery.

Acenett Peters-Vasquez formed Monday while cat-and-mouse for chat on her father’s burying in Panama. (Dirk Shadd | Tampa Bay Times)

Acenett waits, again, for a alarm from Panama.

She sweeps the artificial asphalt in the back, accustomed a tote of clippings and wrappers to the trash.

Tucking her flowers into coolers afore locking up, Acenett plucks achromatic stems, snapping them in her palm. She doesn’t appetite barter to get a boutonniere that looks tired.

Dinner is canned adolescent sandwiches at home in Lutz, followed by blow on the daybed with the Hallmark Channel until the grocery commitment comes. Keri Frcho lugs the half-dozen Publix accoutrements to the kitchen, afresh feels the accustomed clasp in her chest, so bound she can hardly blow for air. She checks her oxygen, which has biconcave to 94 percent. She sits, and waits, again, to be able to breathe.

Keri, 37, a assistant amid jobs, got the coronavirus aftermost fall, forth with her son Jordan Clapper. Aback then, they accept not been able to agitate COVID-19’s barbarous hold. It has beatific Keri to the hospital, kept her out of assignment and beggared Jordan of karate. Of actuality 17.

Keri’s chest aches. Her aback hurts. She woke about 7 in the recliner by the bed, area she sleeps propped up with an oxygen sensor. A cephalalgia struck, so she sat with a beginning ice backpack in the active room, shutters fatigued and TV off. Her apperception drifted amid affairs she hoped to do but apparently could not. It had been a demanding weekend, and her anatomy was advantageous for it. They’d had to put one of their dogs bottomward the day before. Their amusement dog, Chilli.

The disease’s abiding furnishings are cruel. Well-done meat tastes bloody. French chips and cheese, old favorites, abet nausea. Keri sniffs capital oils, analytic for a beam of lemon. And aback her ancestors cradled her admired boxer at the vet one aftermost time, Keri accomplished it had been six months aback she smelled her baby’s fur.

Baking brings a faculty of peace, so afterwards dinner, she opens the cupboards. She mixes concoction for angel aliment cake, which she’ll top with aerated avoid frosting and raspberries. She acclimated to broil for 18 hours on holidays, axis out blemish pies and cakes. Now, a box mix wipes her out.

Her son activated absolute on Sept. 11. The abutting morning, he smelled article like a afire array — afresh nothing.

The virus passed, but the camp furnishings of “long COVID” clung on. Jordan craved sleep. His affection raced and chest ached. He absent 15 pounds. By backward fall, he autonomous for basic school. He acclimated to convenance karate and jiu jitsu for three hours, afresh go on a run, but now a twice-weekly affair larboard him in charge of a four-hour nap. He forgot names of bodies he knew well. By February, he paused angry altogether.

Keri Frcho’s son Jordan Clapper avalanche comatose easily, beat bottomward by the illness. (Courtesy of Keri Frcho)

His mom went through her own saga.

The day afterwards Jordan’s absolute test, she about anesthetized out while affable dinner. Trembling, baking hot, afresh aflame cold, she alleged her mom. She couldn’t accept the words her mother spoke. She concluded up in the emergency room.

Months of affliction and accessories followed. One week, she could aroma coffee brewing, and the abutting she was aback in the ER, oxygen plummeting. Once, disturbing to breathe, affection activity crazy, she afraid and texted her bedmate pictures of the Purina Pro Plan, so he’d apperceive what to augment the pets if she didn’t survive. She texted her sons to admonish them they were strong, they were smart, and that she admired them no amount what.

Winter was a aberrant becloud with damaged veins, bloated limbs and adulterated balance. Health problems that had adamant her for years flared up, alongside new ones. Academician problems, affection problems, agitation attacks. Affliction sometimes faded, afresh roared aback in artistic forms. Was bottle lodged in her lungs?

Life, now, looks like little chores. Abandoned the dishwasher, afresh blow for an hour. Shower, afresh recover. Walk the dogs, on a acceptable day. It can feel like she’s afflicted her activity while still active it.

She attends basic abbey often, and tries to accumulate a able face for her kids. She sometimes posts in a accumulation for Florida “long-haulers,” who allotment abiding affection and the adventure for doctors who understand. Lately, admitting the chest rattle, she feels added herself. Sunshine feels acceptable on her skin.

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