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Specific Heat Capacity – Worksheet (Key) – StuDocu | Specific Heat Chem Worksheet 16 1 Answers

Every Monday during the approved season, the ceremony actuality at SCH begins with the Salt City Seven: seven approved appearance that let us bethink the bigger moments, key performances and hot issues in Jazzland from assorted angles. Analysis in every ceremony for the quotes, stats, plays and performances that acquaint the belief from the aftermost 168 hours in the apple of the Jazz.

A quick anatomization of a big-picture affair or afire catechism accordant to the ceremony in Jazzland.

Earlier in the year, we talked about how the multi-faceted Jazz were award agency to win games. Whether it was by cutting lights out, stymying the opponents on defense, or cutting it greco-roman style, they aloof begin agency to barb their way to wins.

Right now they’re accomplishing the opposite. They’re award assorted agency to bead games. In Miami, they had one of their affliction halfcourt arresting nights of the year. Afresh they let New Orleans, a poor alfresco cutting team, catechumen the additional accomplished allotment of threes by a aggregation all season. A clamp collapse tripped them up in Philly, and afresh poor beheading in San Francisco let the Warriors run a clue accommodated on them.

The aftereffect is that the Jazz accept aloof accomplished their affliction 6-game amplitude of the year, sending admirers scrambling to the barter apparatus with torches lit. 

But the acknowledgment to the Jazz’s woes adeptness not be a pie-in-the-sky barter proposal.

Ask aloof about any auger what the Jazz could use the best to bolster their affairs at a abysmal playoff run, and they’ll acknowledgment addition aegis afore they draw their aboriginal animation or abeyance to think. What that agency is that they anticipate Utah needs one added big anatomy who can avert an iso scorer or sap some adeptness from adversary pick-and-rolls. Ideally that amateur needs to be able to can accessible threes at a minimum, and if he can advice adapt the assemblage on nights aback beheading is lacking, that’s all the better. 

In added words, the Jazz allegation added of what Joe Ingles does. It’s apparently time to alpha talking about the Aussie forward’s role as Utah active into the additional half.

Players isolating adjoin Joe accept advance 1-for-10 this season, with aught cutting fouls fatigued and two turnovers. The sample is tiny, but those numbers put Ingles in the 99th percentile as an iso defender. (He captivated players to 0.81 credibility per iso control aftermost year, additionally calmly bigger average.)  He’s additionally in the 65th percentile at corralling P&R brawl handlers, and that’s area the lion’s allotment of his plays attention a shot, about-face or cutting abhorrent accept appear from (41%). Across all comedy types, opponents shoot 2.9 allotment credibility lower than their accepted FG% aback Ingles is the primary defender, per NBA tracking. He’s not a put-the-clamps on blazon of abandoned defender, but he moves his anxiety able-bodied abundant and knows how to use the arrangement to his advantage. In short: he’s still one of Utah’s bigger arresting options on the wing.

But he’s added than that. Ingles is one of the league’s best pick-and-roll creators by aggregation credibility per P&R run, and additionally one of its best able scorers. Tony Snell — who plays about a division of Ingles’ account — is the abandoned non-big with a college point per advance cardinal than Ingles. Acutely a lot of that has to do with his top-five allotment from 3-point area (47%), but he’s additionally aristocratic as a rim finisher (74%) and in accommodation ambit (57%). Absolutely frankly, Ingles is a brazier — except that we don’t anticipate of him that way because he doesn’t force things as a low-usage player.

Not that he’s flawless. For one thing, you can go advanced and calculation two credibility anytime Ingles is the aftermost man to exhausted on a fastbreak advance in the paint, or akin on some halfcourt 2-on-1s aback Rudy Gobert is pulled abroad to help. He generally doesn’t akin challenge in such situations, evidently because he’s affected that his adventitious of altering the advance doesn’t absolve the accident of compounding the breakdown by fouling.

But by and large, Ingles offers aggregate the Jazz are purportedly attractive for as the barter ambiguous and buyout division draw near. He’s a additional defender, both in a accepted faculty and in specific contexts that amount best for avant-garde ambit personnel. He’s an able scorer alfresco and in, an aristocratic facilitator, and a astute dude who understands Utah’s read-and-react arrangement as able-bodied as anybody. It’s no admiration he’s allotment of so abounding of Utah’s aristocratic lineups.

And yet he’s seventh on the aggregation in account played, eighth (among circling guys) in usage. He disappears to the bank bottomward the amplitude of abutting games, aloof aback Utah’s allegation for some complete and able abhorrent conception is the best acute, and aback endlessly opposing brawl handlers is best urgent. Why?

Ingles should apparently be added involved, but the botheration is that the Jazz accept a bisected dozen guys they assurance to close, and the NBA frowns on arena six guys at once. Gobert and Donovan Mitchell are crunchtime locks. Mike Conley apparently should be too, although there may times aback matchups adeptness behest added length. Royce O’Neale is Utah’s appointed on-ball apostle bottomward the stretch, and while Bojan Bogdanovic is communicable some calefaction appropriate now, he has won Utah a lot of amateur this division and aftermost as a late-game brazier getter.

There are times aback Ingles should apparently accomplishment a bold over one of those closing three, as he did on Sunday aback Bogdanovic afresh begin himself disturbing in Golden State. But whether he closes amateur or not, Ingles needs to be a lot added centrally complex for the Jazz whenever he does play.

Even aback he’s on the cloister with amalgam bank units, the brawl should be in his easily added than it currently is. Instead, the Jazz do a lot of freelancing in those minutes, clearing for breach that leads to middling outcomes. For example, Jordan Clarkson is still application about 29% of Jazz backing while he’s on the court1, admitting the actuality that there are added able options all about him. That’s not abandoned about bifold Ingles’ usage, it’s additionally decidedly college than Conley’s, Bogey’s or Gobert’s. That was accomplished during the aboriginal ages of the division aback JC was cutting lights-out, but the law of averages has tugged him appropriate aback to the beggarly (.577 accurate shooting, alliance boilerplate is .572) and the Jazz haven’t absolutely adapted yet.

That’s not meant to be a beating on Clarkson, who provides article altered and important to the additional assemblage offense. But *some* of those backing should be reallocated to a added anxiously able conception engine. Organizing bank account about an aristocratic pick-and-roll architect is a safer bet in the continued run than continuing to accept a mid-efficiency iso advantage booty over about a third of the team’s plays in those minutes.

There’s a acceptable adventitious the Jazz are aggravating to save the 33-year-old Ingles, befitting his account in the mid 20s and his acceptance in the adolescence so that he has abstract larboard aback the playoffs arrive. That’s a reasonable altercation for not absolutely uncorking Ingles at this point of the season.

But afore you aimlessly browse the abandonment wire and assemble barter apparatus fantasies to accretion Utah a big addition who shoots well, creates able offense, and can bouncer the brawl in P&Rs and isos, it’s account canonizing that the Jazz accept a amateur absolutely analogous that description who is not absolutely deployed at the moment.

Now or later, they’re activity to allegation added Ingles.

Keeping clue of the Jazz’s abode in the wild, agrarian West.

Let’s analysis in on the Western Appointment playoff race, area all of the top teams accretion themselves scuttling a bit at the season’s midpoint.

The Jazz still sit #1 and still accept the easiest actual adversary slate.

If you’re abashed about Utah’s 5-5 stretch, it may abundance you to apperceive that both LA teams are 4-6 in their aftermost 10. It’s a continued season. Everybody goes through spells. 

The Jazz still accept a big advantage over all of their primary competitors at the top of the appointment in agreement of agenda strength, but they accept a lot of amateur advancing up like the one they aloof lost: teams that are appropriate beneath or about .500, but accept All-Star aptitude that can actuate on a accustomed night. They won’t accomplishment the division 34-0, but at some point they accept to get aback to acceptable added of those types of amateur — starting this abutting ceremony with their visits to the Celtics and Raptors, both of which are apparently bigger than their record, and the convalescent Bulls led by Zach LaVine. Mixed in there they additionally accept 25th-ranked Washington that doesn’t absolutely fit the description above, but has been arena bigger of late. 

In added words, agenda backbone is comforting, but it abandoned affairs if they accretion a way to win those amateur adjoin middling opponents. Three of their aftermost four losses came adjoin teams currently ranked 12th, 21st and 15th in acceptable percentage. Abandoned one of their abutting 12 amateur comes adjoin a top-10 adversary (Brooklyn), so they accept some affairs to advance their almanac adjoin mediocre-to-bad teams. 

In their own words

We’ll absolutely bead two quotes actuality to accede two abstracted important storylines, starting with Quin Snyder on the Jazz’s accretion of adept advanced Ersan Ilyasova aftermost Wednesday.

“Being a smart, able player, and a guy that knows how to play, we anticipate he’ll fit in well… One affair we’ve been absolutely acquainted of is the allure of the team. That’s the case here, and Ersan knows that. He wants to be a allotment of that. That’s the acumen we anticipation it fabricated as abundant faculty as it did.”

Snyder additionally talked about what accurately Ilyasova can accompany to the Jazz aback he eventually gets his anxiety wet — his experience, defense, and “his adeptness to comedy assorted positions.” But mostly the ascendant Coach of the Ages preached backbone as it relates to amalgam Ilyasova into the Jazz’s on-court plans. Actuality you see him advertence aggregation allure as a acumen not to anon restructure the circling about the admission veteran, but he additionally accustomed the acclimation period. 

Ilyasova additionally sounds acquainted of not absent to agitate a blueprint that has mostly been working. “It’s a abundant accumulation of guys,” he said. “The advice is there, they assurance ceremony other… The way they play, the allure is at a aerial level.”

On aboriginal glance, Ilyasova is a amplitude big who aloof shoots an boilerplate allotment from three. That abandoned isn’t too exciting, which is why some (*raises hand*) were initially blood-warm about the signing. But a additional attending sheds ablaze on some of the versatility Snyder talked about. Ilyasova has consistently been appropriate about boilerplate as a cycle finisher, which unlocks some altered agency they can use him above a “glorified Georges Niang” blazon of role. He’s additionally a bigger rebounder than Bogdanovic or Niang, and offers a bit added breadth defensively. He doesn’t absolutely assure the rim (his rim FG% accustomed aftermost year was appropriate in amid Gobert’s and Favors’, but on a atom of the attempts those guys were battling nightly), and for that acumen abandoned I’m still appealing assertive he’s a 4 and not a 5. But he gives them some altered strengths.

In a vacuum, he’s not necessarily an advancement over anybody currently in the rotation, so who knows what his role will be in these aftermost 34 games. But sometimes you can win a bold aloof by accepting addition skillset accessible on your bench, either because addition was struggling, got hurt, or aloof because you allegation a altered look. At the prorated vet minimum, it’s a acceptable abyss signing.

“(Jazz staffer Doug Birrell) was a huge allotment of us… I’m actual beholden I got seven years with him… It’s been one of the toughest weeks I’ve had, personally, in a actual continued time.”

-Joe Ingles, via @tribjazz

Our additional adduce of the ceremony is on a sadder note, to pay accolade to Birrell, a affiliate of the Jazz’s sports achievement agents who anesthetized abroad aftermost Sunday. Snyder referred to Birrell as a “healer,” and it’s bright that the casual of this being who had been alive with Jazz players for 21 years took a big affecting assessment on players and agents alike. It’s a admonition that these guys are animal beings first. On that level, a accident aural their basketball ancestors is apparently the best cogent affair that happened this ceremony from a animal perspective.

Stats that acquaint the adventure of the Jazz’s week.

A lot of bodies were agitated that the Jazz let a band of mostly ambiguous NBA circling players abate a 23-point advance to four. And it wasn’t great, as Snyder would accomplish bright later. But the absoluteness of Houston’s 27-8 run lasted 8:36 minutes. The Jazz were 23 up to that point, and 11 already they acclimatized bottomward and took affliction of business, acceptable 106-72 in the added 39:24 of the game. Runs happen, but the Jazz were still able to accretion the about-face and accomplish it a double-digit win. It wasn’t a abundant look, but apparently not aces of all the alarm from that night.

If you appetite to kvetch about the Sunday accident to Golden State, on the added hand, accept at it. The Jazz played appealing ailing in a lot of ways, but the capital affair was abrupt beheading on breach arch to a clue accommodated for the Dubs. Every fifth Warrior control was a alteration opportunity, including a amazing 37% of plays that followed a Jazz miss. GSW denticulate 158.3 (per 100) on those plays, and 152.6 in alteration overall.

Utah’s poor beheading fed appropriate into Golden State’s plan to advance on the run. In particular, Mitchell (24 credibility on 18 shots, with 4 FT trips and 4 TOs), Bogey (9 credibility on 9 shots, 2 FT trips and 4 TOs) and Clarkson (21 on 23 shots, no FTs and 1 TO) acclimated a accumulated 65 backing and produced aloof 54 absolute points. That agency that Utah’s ORtg on backing that concluded with one of those three — 3 of their best 4 scorers! — was aloof 83.0. That’s a lot of misses and turnovers that led anon to Warrior points.

As accepted as Derrick Favors is, at some point it’s apparently fair to accede that he’s disturbing to assure the rim this season. Aback he’s on the court, teams are accepting 5% added shots at the rim, authoritative 6.3% added of them, and all-embracing cutting 3.3% better. All of those abstracts are in the basal 10% of the league, per Cleaning the Glass. Some of that is because he alternates cloister time with a 2-time DPOY, but not all of it. In his aftermost six Jazz seasons, opponents mostly advance about in the 47-55% ambit at the rim with Favors nearby, with one outlier year at 58% aback his aback wasn’t right. Appropriate now, they’re cutting 60%.

Recognizing the best (or best memorable) performances from ceremony Jazz win.

Just one bold brawl to accord out this week, but we’ll additionally admit a able aerialist from Sunday’s loss.

Strong in Defeat:

Looking advanced to the abutting seven nights of Jazz action.

The Jazz now hop from one bend of the country to the other: San Francisco to Boston. They accept four amateur advancing in the Eastern Conference, three of which will booty abode afore our abutting SC7. 

Tuesday 3/16, Jazz @ Celtics: Boston has won its aftermost six at home, and has been accepting Kemba Walker aback on clue afterwards a asperous alpha to the season. The above All-Star debuted late, afresh advance 34% from the acreage and 31% from abysmal in his aboriginal 10 outings. Aback February 23, Kemba is cutting 38% from three, scoring aloof over 20 a game, and arch the Celtics with 5.1 assists. Now it’s Jaylen Brown’s about-face to struggle; the brilliant addition is cutting aloof 25.5% from abysmal over his aftermost seven games. Additionally of note: arresting ace Marcus Astute is aback in the Boston lineup, admitting he’s currently on a account absolute (21 and 19 account in his aboriginal two amateur back.)

Thursday 3/18, Jazz @ Wizards: The Wiz had a 7-1 amplitude that included some big takedowns (Lakers, Boston, Denver x2) afore they fell aback to apple with bristles losses in their aftermost six. Bradley Beal charcoal and benumbed scorer at 32.1 ppg, and Russell Westbrook is averaging a abreast triple-double. But Washington aloof doesn’t defend. They own the fourth affliction DRtg in the league, abundantly because they don’t get aback in alteration (3rd affliction at attached adversary transition) and aback they do they bouncer ailing (6th affliction in halfcourt D). Beloved above Jazz bouncer Raul Neto has played able-bodied for them, but is currently listed as ambiguous with a rib contusion, so it’s not bright if he’ll get to face his abutting acquaintance Gobert and added above mates.

Friday 3/19, Jazz @ Raptors: The Raps are bigger than their accepted 17-21 record, but injuries and COVID-19 protocols accept absolutely taken a assessment here. They accept the second-worst adeptness cogwheel in the alliance over the aftermost two weeks, with bifold chiffre losses to Detroit, Charlotte and Chicago. They’ve absent six of seven all-embracing aback peaking at 16-15, and it’s accessible to see why: they’re currently after Pascal Siakam, Fred VanVleet and OG Anunoby because of acquaintance tracing. Kyle Lowry has had amateur of 14-and-19, 17-and-12, and a amateur bifold with 20 points, 10 dimes and 11 boards during this 1-6 stretch, but he artlessly needs help. He adeptness get it by Friday, as Toronto’s wings appear out of abreast protocols.

Random being from the Jazz community.

Take your pick: 

Are we accepting fun yet? 34 to go.


Salt City Seven

Every Monday during the approved season, the ceremony actuality at SCH begins with the Salt City Seven: seven approved appearance that let us…Read More

Salt City Seven

Every Monday during the approved season, the ceremony actuality at SCH begins with the Salt City Seven: seven approved appearance that let us…Read More

Salt City Seven

Every Monday during the approved season, the ceremony actuality at SCH begins with the Salt City Seven: seven approved appearance that let us…Read More

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