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Photosynthesis Overview Worksheet Answers

Photosynthesis Study Guide Answer Key

Photosynthesis Study Guide Answer Key | Photosynthesis Overview Worksheet Answers

  Meet a Scientist and Meet an SFU Student basic series      *NOW SOLD OUT*

This chargeless affairs is aimed at acceptance in Grades 9-12. Sessions are captivated February, March and April 2021 on Wednesdays from 1:30-2:30pm via Zoom. Email [email protected] to annals for any or all of these talks. 

February 3/21   “Dissecting in following of deciphering ALS” with  Tiffany Schulz from the administration of Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology

Using Drosophila larva, with progression now into mice, we are investigating the cytoskeleton- associated protein, adducin, which is hyper-phosphorylated in ALS (Amyotrophic crabbed sclerosis) patients. Its after furnishings accept been apparent to comedy a analytical role in influencing neuromuscular alliance stability. Functions that, back perturbed, may accept important implications for ALS and abeyant approaching treatments.

February 10/21  “Modelling the apple with Mathematics “with JF Williams from the administration of Mathematics

“In adjustment to accept the apple you charge apperceive the accent in which it is accounting and that accent is mathematics.” – Galileo Galilei

Dr. Williams will altercate how algebraic account and accoutrement are acclimated in modelling phenomena we see eveyday, including the advance of COVID-19 and simple computer cartoon as able-bodied as problems like charwoman up attenuated soil.

February 24/21 “How do Oil Spills aftereffect Abyssal Ecosystems?” with Ranah Chavoshi from the administration of Biology.

Ranah’s assay focuses on how adulterated bitumen, a petroleum product, could affect bounded abyssal ecosystems. She accurately examines how seaweeds are afflicted back they anatomy capital habitats in the ocean.

March 3/21 “Volcano assay and ecology in the Sea to Sky” with Glyn Williams-Jones from the administration of Earth Sciences

Didn’t apprehend you were animate and belief abreast potentially animate volcanoes? Then accompany me for a dive into Canada’s agitable landscape!

March 10/21 “A added attending into the cell: Where bacilli and beef meet” with Brittany Walker from the administration of Biology

What happens back you get sick? A attending into a cardinal of bacterial infections and how they affect our beef and their workings. Find out how science can accouterment these infections and apprentice added about our beef at the aforementioned time.

April 14/21 “Coastal detective work: piecing calm the addle of earthquakes, tsunamis and storms from past, present and future” with Jessica Pilarczyk from the department of Earth Sciences

Coastal sediments annal affirmation of accomplished earthquakes, tsunamis and storms. Unraveling these clues requires acreage investigations in alien genitalia of the world, avant-garde class analysis, and a accomplished lot of detective work.

April 21/21 “Chemistry fabricated Fun” with James Zhou from the administration of Chemistry

Find added affidavit to adulation chemistry! We’ll advice you see all sorts of actinic reactions accident about home and appearance you how allure can be a allotment of your post-secondary affairs and career path. It’s added than aloof formulas!

April 28/21 “The Mysterious Afterlife of Galaxies” with Joanna Woo from the administration of Physics

Galaxies are all-inclusive collections of stars that advance over billions of years. From surveys of hundreds of bags of galaxies, we can see that they abatement into almost two categories: those that are animate and basic new stars, and those that are dead, or no best basic new stars. Gas is the ammunition for brilliant formation, and there is affluence of it in the cosmos consistently falling into galaxies, so why accept some galaxies artlessly chock-full axis gas into stars? This abeyance of brilliant formation, alleged “quenching”, is one of the better puzzles of galaxy evolution. Drawing aloft my own research, I will accord an overview of the altered theories answer the afterlife of galaxies and what the empiric affirmation tells us.

May 5/21 “Natural History in a New Age” with Tiia Haapalainen from the administration of Biology

Many accustomed history collections and museums face an ambiguous approaching admitting connected absorption from the accessible and new applications in avant-garde research. Apprentice how bodies with a ample ambit of abilities and backgrounds can appoint as naturalists and why articulacy in attributes is essential.

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