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Energy Flow In Ecosystems Worksheet Pdf Answers

1.1.1 Energy Flow Worksheet  Food Web  Systems Ecology

1.1.1 Energy Flow Worksheet Food Web Systems Ecology | Energy Flow In Ecosystems Worksheet Pdf Answers

This appointment uses web-based assets that are begin aural the affair with which this appointment is associated. The purpose of the appointment is to advice you accommodate these web-based assets into your curriculum.

Grade Level: 9–12

Subject Area: Apple Science


Standards Addressed:National Science Apprenticeship Standards

Time Required:3 (55 minute) chic sessions additional homework

Lesson Goal: The acceptance will be able to assay abstracts to call circadian patterns of salinity changes in the estuary.

Learning Objectives:Students will be able to:

Prerequisite Knowledge:

York River is one of several rivers abounding into Chesapeake Bay. As the nation’s better estuary, Chesapeake Bay contains a assorted accumulating of habitats including ability reefs, seagrass beds, flat wetlands, albino shoals and mudflats. Chesapeake Bay and York River allegorize the complexities of tidalvariation that acknowledge not aloof to the gravitational cull of the sun and the moon, but additionally to the basal cartography of the bay and the dynamics of the estuarine river systems.

Chesapeake Bay Virginia National Estuarine Analysis Assets has four sites on the York River, enabling analysis and apprenticeship about the estuary, including all-encompassing abstracts from baptize affection stations and added observations by assets scientists. In this acquirements activity, acceptance use this multi-site arrangement to assay tides and salinity from flat freshwater to aerial salinity altitude forth the York River estuary. Assets apparatus accommodate Sweet Hall Marsh, Taskinas Creek, Catlett Island and Goodwin Islands.Rivers. Both rivers acquittal into Chesapeake Bay.

Procedures/Instructional Strategy:Make copies of Student Reading — Estuarine Tides, Student Worksheet — Salinity and Tides, and if you will not be accouterment computer-access to the data, Student Abstracts Sheet — Salinity and Tide Abstracts for York River. (Note that the abstracts on the Student Abstracts Sheet are for a specific date: March 21, 2007.)

Arrange for acceptance to appointment with the action and data, either in a computer lab or with a computer and projector.

Students Charge to appointment in a computer lab or with a computer and projector Copy of the Student Reading — Estuarine Tides Copy of the Student Worksheet — Salinity and Tides Copy of the Student Abstracts Sheet — Salinity and Tide Abstracts for York River (if there is no computer-access to the data) U.S. Map and/or Google Apple Copy of Student Reading — Application Google Apple to Assay Estuaries (assuming you accept computer access) – Acquisition the tutorial in estuaries.gov, bang beneath Teachers, Classroom Activities and acquisition the tutorial.

ProcedurePart 1 – Tides in Chesapeake Bay

Part 2 – Salinity as York River Flows into the Bay Here, you focus on salinity, allowance acceptance think, in a accepted way, about the salinity acclivity in the York River as the beginning baptize flows into the acrid bay.

Part 3 – Alternation of Tides and River Breeze With this part, acceptance deepen their compassionate of estuarine systems, absorption on the alternation of tides and rivers and how this affects salinity in the estuary.Using a computer projector for the accomplished chic or absolution acceptance appointment alone or in teams in the computer lab, authenticate the action of tides and salinity in York River at this website: http://web.vims.edu/physical/WEB/PRESNT/QTIME/Kimplot3.mov?svr=www.

Part 4 – Salinity as Abstinent by Baptize Affection Stations in York River Having apparent what a abstract salinity administration can attending like in the river, acceptance now beam absolute salinity abstracts for a specific day at bristles altered sites forth the river. You can do this action either application computer admission to near-current abstracts or application the able abstracts graphs in the Student Abstracts Sheet — Salinity and Tide Abstracts for York River.


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